Q: Which console should I buy?
 – the easy answer to this is: all of them! But that’s not always realistic for people – particularly not in one go anyway. So, it comes down to two questions:
  1. Do you really want all the CODs, Battlefields, EA Sports games etc? Need top top graphics? If not, then Nintendo Switch (Amazon link). It’s the best hardware set up (handheld?! tabletop?! tv?!) and has all the best Nintendo magic. gamepadNS
  2. If you do want that stuff, then Xbox One (Amazon link). Best games in most categories (see below), best controller, EA Access subscription, backwards compatibility with most Xbox 360 games and the best online service including some actually worthwhile free games. gamepadXOne
  3. The only exception to those point: is your favourite type of game action adventure games with a great story? If so, then you will love the Uncharted series on Playstation 4 (Amazon link). It’s totally worth playing through all the whole series but Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is currently sat stop my all time top games listgamepadPS4
Q: Is mobile gaming ‘real’ gaming?
 – well, clearly it is in the most literal sense. You are playing games. But in reality we’ve not yet seen mobile games reach the level of complex interactivity and sheer depth of those on consoles and computers. In fact, I think we should stop chasing that – mobile games are best when the accept their ‘limitations’ and produce a great game anyway – see Super Mario Run, Plants vs Zombies and Old Man’s Journey in my Top Games list.
Q: What’s with the links on this blog?
 – I will sometimes put up links to other things but generally speaking when you see a link to a product – games, consoles, accessories etc – it will be an affiliated link, meaning that if you click through and purchase, I will get a little commission. For clarity; that fact will never affect what I say about anything. ‘Content before links‘, if you will!